Tuition, Fees, Health Insurance, Payment Plans

Payment Process

See your email from Kirk Rutledge, Willamette University Director of Student Accounts, for information about the billing process, electronic billing statements, etc. if you have any questions please contact Betsy Reed at or the Student Accounts office at (503) 375-5308.

The cost of tuition, the student body fee and the health center fee are paid on a semester basis with 50% of the annual cost paid fall semester (August)  and 50% paid spring semester (January).  Health insurance is also paid per semester, but is not split in two equal payments. 

As mentioned in Kirk's letter, you will be billed each semester for tuition, fees and incurred charges. When the billing is posted online, you will receive an email notification to your Willamette email address.

Bills for fall semester tuition and fees will be posted around July 15th. Payment for Fall Semester 2015 is due on August 24, 2015. Bills for spring semester tuition and fees will be posted around December 15th. Payment for Spring Semester 2016 is due on January 18, 2016. Additional information regarding the billing process and access to your electronic statement can be found at

Payment Methods

There are several ways to pay: online, check, wire funds, peerTransfer and monthly payment plan.

Online: You can access Willamette's online payment system and find instructions on how to make electronic payments at

Check: You can pay by check through the mail or by coming to the Student Accounts window at Waller Hall. Make the check out to Willamette University and write your name and student ID number on the check. If paying by mail, mail the check to: Willamette University; Student Accounts Office; 900 State Street; Salem, Oregon 97301

Wire Funds: You can wire funds in U.S. dollars from your bank to Willamette University. Please contact the Student Account Office at, or 503-375-5308, for wiring instructions.

peerTransfer: Willamette University partners with peerTransfer to save international students money on the exchange rates and bank fees involved their payment processes. Using peerTransfer can save students up to $1,500 a year. peerTransfer also provides great 24 hour multi-lingual customer support (phone, email, Skype, and chat), quick service, and the opportunity to easily track your payment. Learn more about peerTransfer at and see a comparison of the costs you will have from peerTransfer versus a typical bank. If you want to use peerTransfer you can access Willamette's page at

Monthly Payment Plan: Payment plans for fall semester are available for enrollment in July once fall semester charges have posted. Spring plans will become available in December as soon as spring charges post. Each semester you have the choice of setting up a payment plan of 5, 4 or 3 payments, with the final payment for each one being due in time to register for the following semester. If you prefer to spread your payments out over the course of 12 months, you will need to make estimated payments in May and June, prior to the start of the academic year. Student Access

The enrollment fee is $30 per semester for a total of $60 for the year. There are no finance charges, however a $50 fee is incurred for late payments.

For additional details about payment plans and how to sign up, please contact the Student Accounts Office

A Sample of Fall Semester Costs for Tuition and Fees

Your fall semester 2015 costs for tuition and fees will look similar to this:

* MBA tuition (15 credits) = $18,800 
* MBA student body fee  = $40
* Student health center fee = $50
* Student health insurance:
        U.S. Students = $825 (see notes below)
        International Students = $566 (see notes below)

U.S. Student Health Insurance: The fall semester health insurance payment for U.S. students is $825. The spring semester payment for U.S. students covers spring and summer insurance and totals $1,080. The cost of student health insurance can be waived if you have comparable coverage. For complete information about health insurance coverage, costs and waiver procedures/policies for U.S. students visit  U.S. students with comparable coverage seeking to waive Willamette's insurance must complete the online waiver between July 20, 2015 and September 14, 2015.  More information about waiving insurance is available at  U.S. students work with the Bishop Health Center for all questions and processes related to purchasing health insurance.

International Student Health Insurance: The fall semester health insurance payment for International students is $609. The spring semester payment for International students covers spring and summer insurance and totals $797.  Information about coverage, costs, and waiver procedures/policies for international students is available at and on the this pdf. International students work with the Office of International Education for all questions and processes related to purchasing health insurance and waiving health insurance, and should email with all questions about insurance or waiving insurance.. All international students must complete the "enroll or waiver form," regardless of whether you plan to enroll in the insurance program or waive the insurance plan (one form serves both needs) between July 20, 2015 and September 4, 2015.  

Direct Deposit of Student Account Refunds

Students who are eligible for a student account refund check can sign up for direct deposit through WebAdvisor.  Please note that international students are not eligible to sign up for direct deposit due to international ACH transaction rules.  For more information about the student refund policy and how to sign up for direct deposit please visit the following web page: