Textbooks for Fall Semester 2015 Core Courses

The textbook or books shown below are the books for your fall semester core courses.

You can buy your textbooks online or you can buy them from The Willamette Store when you arrive on campus. Willamette University's bookstore provides competitively-priced textbooks for all of your MBA classes. If you choose to buy your textbook from a source other than the Willamette Store, be sure to purchase the correct edition and ISBN number as listed below.  "Additional case packets" will be required for some courses.  These packets will be purchased after school starts.

GSM 5104: Managing Organizations

Professor: Lisbeth Claus
Textbook: No Text. Additional case packet required.

GSM 5103: Data Analysis, Modeling and Decision Making
Professor: Robert Walker
Textbook: Basic Business Statistics (Berenson, Levine and Krehbiel). 12th Edition.  ISBN-10: 0132168383. Publisher: Prentice-Hall.
Note: You only need the textbook.  You do not need to purchase accompanying software.

GSM 5105: Accounting for Managers
Professors: Kawika Pierson
Textbook: Financial and Managerial Accounting (Weygandt). 1st Edition. ISBN: 978-1118004234 Publisher: Wiley

GSM-5107: Marketing: Creating Satisfied Customers
Professor: Ryan Langan
Textbook: Marketing Management (Marshall and Johnson). 2nd Edition. ISBN:  978-0-07-802886-1. Publisher:  McGraw Hill
Note: Additional case packet required

GSM-5108: PACE I
Professors: Larry Ettner and Beth Ursin
Textbook 1: Strategic Planning for Public and Non-profit Organizations (Bryson, John M). 4th Edition.  ISBN:978-0470392515.    Publisher: Jossey Bass.
Textbook 2:  This Land of Strangers  (Hall,Robert E.). 2012 Edition. ISBN:  978-1608322992. Publisher:  Greenleaf.
Textbook 3:  How to Interview Like a Top MBA (Leanne). ISBN:  0-07-141827. Publisher:  McGraw Hill.
Textbook 4:  The 2-hour Job Search: Using Technology to get the Right Job Faster (Dalton). 2012 Edition. ISBN:978-1607741701. Publisher: Ten Speed Press.
Textbook 5:  Strengths Finder, (Rath, Tom). Must be a new copy - online version is acceptable.
Textbook 6:  Jobs That Matter:  Find a Stable, Fulfilling Career in Public Service (This text is Optional). 2010 Edition. ISBN:  978-1593577872 . Publisher: Jist Works.
Note: Additional case packet required