Student Profile

Energetic, bright, creative, ethical, exceptional, friendly, mature, hard working, insightful, leader, professional, reliable, respected, team player - are words references used to describe the entering class of 2014.

Willamette's Early Career and Career Change MBA students come from around the world and throughout the United States to fully participate in a MBA program designed to provide the knowledge, professional experience and career management tools they need for the next step in their career and beyond.

They represent a diversity of experience and age common in organizations.

As a group, they have leadership, work and internship experiences in organizations of all sizes and types including finance, software development, fund raising, health care, Peace Corps, social services, engineering, consulting, marketing, public policy, project management, energy, education, agriculture, international management, human services, IT, teaching, and entrepreneurial ventures.

They enjoy family, friends, sports, cooking, travel, music, dance, theatre, volunteering, and more.

The members of the entering class of 2014 also share a commitment to the Willamette University Motto "Not Unto Ourselves Alone Are We Born." They desire to contribute to the betterment of the world through their personal activities and professional efforts in business, entrepreneurship, government and not-for-profit organizations.