Maximizing Your MBA ROI

MBA "return on investment" is the benefit a student receives for the time, energy and money they invest to meet their career goals.

Students who choose Willamette, choose the powerful combination of program characteristics that make the Willamette MBA a great choice for financial, professional and personal return on investment. 

Choosing the right program is the first step to ensuring a strong ROI from your MBA experience.  The second step is more personal ... it is about how you approach your MBA experience. We call this the MBA ROI mindset.  An MBA ROI mindset involves new perspectives and actions you can take to maximize the value of your MBA.

Fact: The ROI of a graduate degree is highest early in your career.

Willamette MBA: The opportunity to complete the Willamette MBA early in your career provides quicker access to MBA job opportunities and higher salaries, more years of increased earning power over your career, and lower opportunity costs.  These factors combine with Willamette's strong merit-based scholarship program and affordable tuition to enhance the financial ROI of the Willamette MBA.

ROI Mindset: To enhance financial ROI, pursue the full-time MBA as soon as you are ready. Don't wait. Every year you wait results in higher tuition costs, higher opportunity cost, and fewer years over which to earn higher salaries. 

ROI Mindset: Prepare for your GMAT or GRE. Your score can make thousands of dollars of difference in merit-based scholarship assistance.

ROI Mindset: Expect to borrow to help pay for your educational and living expenses while an MBA student. Loans make it possible to invest in a future of expanded career opportunities, satisfaction and increased earning power. Borrow what you need, and not more than what you need. Use your loans, time and energy to get the most value from your MBA experience by fully participating in classes, client projects, networking, team meetings, professional organizations, presentations, internship or job search activities, and more.

Fact: Successful careers require more than knowledge.  They require breadth and depth of knowledge, the ability to apply what you know to solve problems and create opportunities, strong communication and interpersonal skills, and a network.

Willamette MBA: The excellent faculty and curricular structure of the Willamette MBA provide breadth and depth of knowledge, and the opportunity to put knowledge to the test through client projects, internships, and hands-on elective courses. The program's emphasis on teams and career services builds strong interpersonal, communication and networking skills, and the tools of professional career management. In addition, our multi-sector mission prepares students for career opportunities in business, consulting, government, public service and not-for-profit organizations.  Each of the components of the Willamette MBA learning experience merge to develop the expertise and resume of experience needed for a successful transition to the next step in your career, and a lifetime of career opportunities and satisfaction.

ROI Mindset: Understand that successful career transitions require equal development of new knowledge, new professional experience, a bigger network, new confidence, and new interpersonal and career management tools. Dive deep into classes, consulting projects, internships, professional activities, networking, team projects, and career management. Make presentations, take the lead, contribute to your teams, and manage your time. With an ROI mind-set guiding your choices, you will have more than a degree; you will have tools organizations value and the tools you need to succeed in situations of change, challenge and opportunity.

ROI Mindset: Utilize and apply your ROI mindset and actions from the first day of class. Remember, your new career starts on the first day of class ... not at graduation.

Fact: A great MBA experience results in personal ROI as well as financial and professional ROI.  In addition, completing an "early" MBA can be helpful to people seeking to establish a career before starting a family.

Willamette MBA: The Willamette MBA learning experience is collegial, practical, interactive and personal. The academic environment balances cooperation with strong individual effort. Team projects are an important part of the learning experience and develop your ability to work with others as a leader and a team member.  You will be challenged and supported by a faculty and staff who are dedicated to your growth and success.  The workload is demanding and expectations are high, but the personal and professional growth achieved here exceeds what most students expect from their MBA education. It won't be a "walk in the park," but you would not want it to be. Willamette also offers lifelong learning through the MBA for Life program.

ROI Mindset: Understand that the tools and skills you learn in an MBA program will apply to many parts of your life. An MBA is about how organizations function and most of your life involves organizations. Your family, school, community center, activities, place of worship, work, etc., all include common aspects of organizations including leadership, communication, finances, decision-making, goals, time management, and more. Use your MBA to stretch and develop new skills. Develop new relationships with people from around the world. Step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to build new confidence. Learn to manage, lead, negotiate, handle conflict, and give and accept feedback.  Utilize your knowledge, tools and skills to give back to your community.The person you become from an MBA experience can change your life and your career.