All applicants admitted to the Willamette MBA are automatically considered for merit-based scholarships when their application for admission is evaluated by the admission committee.  No additional scholarship application is required.

Willamette MBA scholarships are merit-based. Merit is determined by an overall evaluation of the applicant and includes: GMAT or GRE score, undergraduate grades and academic performance, experience, academic and managerial potential, the quality of the applicants essays and interview, and the applicant's ability to contribute to the learning environment of others.

Approximately 60 percent of students receive scholarship assistance. Scholarships range from 10% to 100% of tuition.

For maximum consideration for scholarship assistance, complete the application for admission process before the May 1st deadline.

For consideration for the STEM Scholarship or Global Diversity Scholarship, complete the application for admission process by February 15. 

Willamette MBA Scholarship Programs

We offer several merit-based scholarship programs. Scholarship awards cannot exceed the cost of tuition.

Atkinson School Scholarship: The Atkinson School Scholarship program is our largest merit-based scholarship program. These scholarships range from 10% to 100% of tuition. Applicants for admission interested in maximum consideration from this scholarship program should complete the application process as soon as possible and before May 1st.

Willamette MBA Pacific Northwest Scholarship: The Willamette MBA Pacific Northwest Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship for eligible U.S. citizens or permanent residents who completed a U.S. undergraduate degree in Oregon or Washington.

Willamette MBA STEM Scholarship: The Willamette MBA STEM Scholarship program is a merit-based scholarship for eligible U.S. citizens or permanent residents who completed an undergraduate major in a STEM area (science technology, engineering and mathematics) in the U.S.

Willamette MBA Global Diversity Scholarship: The Willamette MBA Global Diversity Scholarship program is for International students who completed their bachelor degree in select countries.

General Information About All Willamette MBA Scholarships

MBA scholarships awarded for the first-year of study are automatically renewable at the same dollar amount for the second-year of MBA study if the student:

  • attains a minimum MBA cumulative gpa of 3.3 (B+) by the end of the first-year of study.
  • maintains full-time enrollment in the Willamette MBA, and
  • maintains good standing in regard to academic and professional behavior.

Some additional scholarship opportunities are available for the second-year of MBA study. Students apply for these scholarships during spring semester of their first year.

MBA/JD students should know that the College of Law and the MBA program award scholarships separately. MBA/JD students who receive scholarship assistance from the MBA program will receive the MBA scholarship only for the first academic year in which they are enrolled full-time in the MBA program.