Scholarships & Financial Aid

A number of opportunities are available to make the cost of earning a Willamette MBA accessible and affordable.

Scholarship Programs

$11,100 Dean's Achievement

The MBA for Professionals Dean's Achievement Scholarship of $1,850 per semester is awarded to qualified admitted applicants who present excellent credentials. The maximum total value of this scholarship is $11,100 which is the equivalent of one semester's tuition.

Minimum cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.5 AND minimum GMAT score of 570 (GRE score at the 50th percentile)
Minimum GMAT score of 600 (GRE score at the 60th percentile)

GRE score percentile based on the average of the verbal and quantitative scores. This scholarship is awarded for six consecutive semesters, beginning with the semester of entry. Dean’s Achievement Scholarship recipients must maintain full-time enrollment.

$5,550 Multiple Student

The MBA for Professionals Multiple Student Discount is available for each student who enrolls from an organization or family when two or more individuals begin the program the same semester. Collaboration and a strong support system allows a greater opportunity for success. This tuition discount is awarded throughout the duration of the program and is equivalent to one course. Please contact an admissions representative to apply for the multiple student discount.

$5,550 Early Action

The MBA for Professionals Early Action Discount is provided to admitted and enrolled applicants for the January 2015 cohort who complete their application by October 31, 2014. To qualify, an applicant must submit a completed online application and official copies of ALL supplemental materials by the October 31 deadline. The Early Action Discount is awarded in the amount of approximately $462 per course for a maximum total discount of $5,550.

$5,550 Alumni Discount

The MBA for Professionals Alumni Discount is award to admitted applicants who graduated with a degree from Willamette University (undergraduate or graduate). This discount is awarded in the amount of approximately $462 per course for a maximum total discount of $5,550.

Other scholarships, discounts or corporate partnerships may be available.
If you have questions or inquiries, please contact an admissions representative.

Additional Resources for Financial Aid

Willamette University employees are not eligible for participation in the Dean's Achievement Scholarship program. In addition, MBA-P students participating in tuition discount programs, or who are recipients of other Willamette University scholarship funds, including funds provided in partnership with the Yellow Ribbon scholarship program for veterans, may be limited on the number of scholarships or discounts in which they are eligible to accrue.