Best Paper Award in International Ethics, Social Responsibility, and/or Sustainability

The Atkinson Graduate School of Management sponsors the Award for Best Paper in International Ethics, Social Responsibility, and/or Sustainability, within the International Management Division (IM Division) of the Academy of Management (AoM).

Administered by Dr. Gary Knight, Professor of Global Management (, the award encourages academic research in areas that support core Atkinson values.  Ethics, social responsibility, and sustainability are an important part of the strategy of all organizations, for successful business in today’s global environment.

Ethics are moral principles and values regarding right and wrong in the behavior of people, businesses, governments, and nonprofit organizations. Corporate social responsibility implies meeting or exceeding the ethical, legal, and commercial expectations of customers, shareholders, employees, and communities. Sustainability means meeting humanity’s needs without harming future generations. Sustainable organizations conduct their activities in ways that protect and preserve economic, social, and natural environments.

The AoM is a professional association for scholars of management and organizations, with nearly 20,000 members in more than 100 countries.  It is the oldest and largest scholarly management association in the world.  The IM Division is one of the largest of 24 divisions in the AoM, all devoted to disciplines in the management of business and non-profit organizations. 

This Best Paper Award is in keeping with Atkinson Graduate School’s ranking among the top 25 schools worldwide by the Aspen Institute’s “Beyond Grey Pinstripes” survey, which recognizes MBA programs committed to ethics, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship.

Award candidates are chosen by the AoM IM Division from among papers accepted for presentation at the AoM Annual Meeting, the Academy’s yearly conference in August.  Authors of nominated papers may have the opportunity to present their paper at a special award session at the Annual Meeting. The annual award is for $500, and includes a plaque.

Submission Guidelines:

  • The paper must be submitted to the IM Division and follow the standard paper submission deadline and guidelines of the AoM Annual Meeting.
  • The paper must be accepted by the IM Division for presentation at its Annual Meeting.
  • Papers considered for the award must contribute to basic or applied knowledge within the domain statement of the AoM IM Division, which follows:

The IM Division focuses on research in management and organization theory, research, and practice with a cross-border or cross-cultural dimension.  Major topics include: the international competitiveness of firms, industries, and nations; the cross-border management of operations, including multi-country, multi-unit strategy formulation and implementation; evolving organizational forms and management practices in cross-border business; the cross-border differential impact of cultural, social, economic, technological, political, and institutional forces on strategies, organizational forms, and management practices; and comparative management studies involving two or more countries.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria:

  • All papers with a focus on Ethics, Social Responsibility and/or Sustainability accepted by the AoM IM Division for presentation at the Annual Meeting are eligible for the award.
  • Submitted papers are judged on several factors, including relevance to international management, ethics, social responsibility, and/or sustainability, quality of theory, quality of empirical work, overall contribution, and style/clarity. 
  • The IM Division Program Chair identifies four finalists and submits these nominated papers to the IM Division Research Committee, which determines the winner.  Representatives from Willamette University, Atkinson Graduation School of Business submit feedback for the IM Division research committee to consider.
  • The award winner is announced at the IM Division business meeting at the Annual AOM conference.

For more information, contact Dr. Gary Knight, Professor of Global Management (