Career Management

MBA for Professionals Checklist

1. Complete our Career Management Survey for January 2015 -
2. Update your employment status for employment reporting reasons on MBAFocus.

MBAFOCUS for MBA for Professionals Link

3. Make an appointment with Career Management staff
4. Update your resume with 1-3 bullets of key accomplishments for the last year. If you do this every year at performance review time, you'll have plenty of material for salary negotiations. Each bullet should be a complete answer to a behavioral question: Think PAR (Problem or Situation, Action - what YOU did, Result). Ask us for the Willamette Standard Resume Format if you haven’t seen it yet.

5. Have a conversation NOW with your supervisor about how you can implement what you're learning in the classroom at work. Don't wait till you receive your MBA to negotiate a role expansion.

6.  If you're looking for work: Draft a list of 50 companies you're interested in and review your list of 100 people you know and reconnect with all those you've connected with previously. Remember, statistics show that you'll need 2 people per company and 20-30 hiring managers to secure a job. Bring that and your resume to your appointment for us to add the most value.

7.  Consider attending the following:

  • Friday, Jan 30 - Professional Communication Workshop with with Professor Sukhsimranjit Singh
  • Wednesday, Feb 4: Career Toolkit Workshop, Career Shift (Great for finding openings within a specific geography)
  • Wednesday, Feb 11: Employer Spotlight with DMA Holdings, The CEO will be joining us and they are hiring
  • Friday, Feb 13 - Professional Communication Excel with Sean Farmer
  • Friday, February 13 - Mentorship Spring Luncheon in Portland
  • Friday, February 13 - DA Davidson Trek with AFA 
  • Wednesday, February 18 - Career Toolkit: Salary Negotiations
  • Friday, February 20 - Portland Trek

8.  Reach out to our alumni and ask them to coffee/lunch and expand your network. These relationships will be key in the future. Don't wait till you're in an active job search. You can ask us for introductions through LinkedIn.

9. Review the Career GPS  
10. Update your LinkedIn profile 
11. Join professional associations at the student rate (think $25 instead of $180) with organizations like American Marketing Association, Society of Human Resources Management and more. Consider adding yourself to the related student associations so you're in the know of what speakers they're bringing in, what jobs are being posted and what companies they're visiting.

12. Ask us about salary negotiations, role expansions and re-classifications - there's a lot that you can do to plant the seed for advancement with you current employer.

13. SAVE THE DATE: Saturday, May 30th for our upcoming Spring Career Conference for MBA for Professionals and send us ideas of what you'd like for content.