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Admitted Exchange Students


This information is for students who have been nominated by CBS, KEDGE (previously BEM), or EMS Strasbourg to participate in our exchange program.

This Information Directory provides important information you will need as you plan for your Early Career MBA education at Willamette University's Atkinson Graduate School of Management. We will update this information throughout the year because some of the information for 2014-15 is not yet available.

Be sure to contact me with your questions. Email me, Judy O'Neill, Associate Dean and Director of Admission, at joneill@willamette.edu. You will also be working with Chris Andresen, Associate Director of International Education, about visa and health insurance information. Chris's email is candrese@willamette.edu.

We will keep you up-to-date and informed throughout the coming months. The entire Willamette University Atkinson School community looks forward to welcoming you to WU!


Judy O'Neill
Associate Dean and Director of Admission

Judy O'Neill Aimee Akimoff Matt Alex
Associate Dean and Director of Admission Director of Recruitment MBA Recruiter and  Admission Counselor


Application Form and Financial Documents
Be sure to complete and submit our Application for International Exchange Students and the Financial Certification form (along with all supplementary materials). The application and financial documents give us the information we need to communicate with you, provide the forms you need to apply for a visa to the U.S., register for courses, and more.

Your Financial Certification form should document the availability of $8,000 (U.S) in funds for each semester you will be at Willamette. The documented amount estimates living expenses, personal expenses, insurance, books, etc. for your stay at Willamette University, and does not include the cost of a laptop or round-trip plane tickets to your home country.

Submit your documents by May 15th if you are applying for the fall semester or the fall/spring semester exchange program.

Mail documents and supporting information to:
Judy O'Neill
Assistant Dean and Director of Admission
Atkinson Graduate School of Management
Willamette University
900 State Street
Salem, OR 97301
Fax #: 503-370-3011

Your Willamette University Student Identification Number
Your will receive your Willamette University Student Identification Number in an email from Judy O'Neill within a few days of your admission email. You may be asked for your ID number when working with many campus offices because it will expedite their ability to rapidly access your records. You will also need your ID number to complete the online form for paying your deposit by credit card. Your ID number is private information, so you should not share your ID number with people other than Willamette University employees.

Academic Calendar for 2014 - 2015
Fall Semester 2014 officially begins on Tuesday, August 19th, with Compass Week. Compass Week is required for all new students. New students should plan to arrive in Salem between August 1st and August 12th (or before) so you have time to get settled and rested before school starts. A fun and optional presession will be available on Friday, August 15th.  The basic academic calendar for 2014-15 is shown below.

Fall Semester 2014
Optional Presession Program August 15
Fall Semester Begins August 19
Willamette International Student Orientation (Required) August 19
Compass Week (Required) August 19 @ 4:00 p.m. through August 22
Labor Day Holiday September 1
Thanksgiving Vacation November 24 - November 28
End of Fall Semester December 19
Spring Semester 2015
First Day of Spring Semester January 19
Spring Vacation To be announced
End of Semester May 12
Commencement for Graduating Class of 2015 May 17

Arrival Assistance
An Atkinson School student will pick you up at Portland International Airport (PDX) when you arrive for Willamette's fall semester 2014. Our arrival student liaisons will bring you to Salem, help you find a place to live, start your bank account, etc. We will provide more information about our Arrival Liaison Program and International Student Orientation programs early in the summer of 2014.

International Student Advisor

Christine Andresen, Associate Director of International Education, is your international student advisor. Contact Chris with questions about visa, immigration or health insurance issues. Email candrese@willamette.edu or call 503-375-5404.

Registration for classes is a very simple and individualized process, so don't worry. The typical course load for the Willamette Full Time Early Career/Career Change MBA program is 15 credits (5 three credit courses) per semester. Exchange students generally enroll in 5 elective courses for a total of 15 credits. Fifteen U.S. semester credits is equal to 30 ECTS credits.

The course schedule for Fall Semester 2014 is available at http://www.willamette.edu/agsm/full-time/schedule/schedule-14fa-mba.html   

When you review the schedule, you will select courses numbered 6000 and above that are listed as "elective course" or "experiential elective" or "required." You can learn more about each course offered by reading the course description. Course descriptions are listed by course number. Course descriptions are available at http://www.willamette.edu/agsm/full-time/curriculum/course_descriptions/index.html

If you are interested in seeing the courses our faculty recommend for various areas of interest click on your area of interest below and then compare the list with the courses offered during your semester of exchange.

When it is time for you to register, email Judy O'Neill with your top choices of courses and with any questions you may have. This process will occur in June. Your transcripts will be reviewed for equivalent prerequisite course work.

Exchange students who will be attending the Willamette MBA for only one semester generally live on-campus, and find on-campus living the easiest option. Exchange students may live off-campus. However, it may be difficult to find an off-campus apartment to rent when you will only be here for one semester. Thus, on-campus living is recommended if you are a one semester exchange student.

Exchange students who will be attending the Willamette MBA for two semesters (August to May) may live on-campus or off-campus.  

On-campus housing is very limited, so exchange students should decide if they want to live on-campus when they submit their WU exchange application.  

More information will be provided after admission to the exchange program. On-campus arrangements are made through the Willamette University Office of Residence Life. The email address for Residence Life is  housing@willamette.edu

Costs and Expenses
While enrolled at Willamette University, exchange students are responsible for covering all costs of living, travel, books and other course materials, health insurance, immunizations (if any), personal expenses, and laptop (see laptop requirement below).  Exchange students will need to document at least $7,500 in funds for each semester in which they will be enrolled at Willamette University. 

Tuition, Fees and Books for Your Semester of Exchange

Tuition: Exchange students pay tuition to their home institution (CBS or KEDGE or EMS) for your semester of exchange.
Fees: All Willamette MBA students, including exchange students, pay a $40 per semester student fee and a $50 per semester Health Center Fee.
Books: We estimate that books and materials will average $600 per semester.

Health Insurance

Exchange students and their accompanying family members are required to have health insurance for each semester the student is registered for classes. The cost of the health insurance is automatically billed to you by Willamette University at the beginning of each semester. Payment is required at the time other charges are paid.  You will not be required to purchase the Willamette insurance plan if you can prove that you have existing health coverage.

Complete information about health insurance for International students is available online.

Health History and Immunizations

Oregon state law requires all new students to provide immunization and health records. Forms to be completed are available online in pdf format and are linked below. Be sure to complete the health history and immunization forms before Compass Week and send them to the Willamette University Bishop Wellness Center.

Laptop Requirement
All Willamette MBA students are required to have a laptop computer. In some classes you will use your laptop extensively; in others periodically or minimally. Current required laptop specifications are listed below.

* 802.11b or 802.11g wireless LAN capability
* Microsoft Office software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access)
* Recommended RAM of 2G

Special Note #1. Some courses require Windows only software applications that are not available for Mac. In these cases, students will need to provide their own access to an appropriate windows based laptop. In other cases, windows based software is available for Apple OS X Intel based laptops (MacBook and MacPro) that are set up to support the Windows operating system. However, the cost to purchase Windows operating system software and license are the responsibility of the student.

Special Note #2. : If you intend to use a laptop provided by an organization or employer for your MBA course work, be sure the laptop administration is NOT restricted by the organization's IT department. You may be required to install software, make network changes, or make other system configuration changes to your laptop. Laptops with administration lock down or that are only partially configurable will not meet the requirements of this program.

Disability and Learning Services
The mission of the Willamette University Disability and Learning Services office is to facilitate reasonable accommodations for those students with a qualifying disability or temporary medical condition and to provide academic assistance on an individual basis to any undergraduate or graduate student who requests it. Admitted applicants desiring information regarding Disability Services for Willamette MBA students may go to www.willamette.edu/dept/disability and follow the procedures listed. Students who have a documented disability requiring accommodation should contact the Office of Disability and Learning Services at 503-370-6471.

Changes in Your Mailing Address, Email Address or Telephone Number
If you have a change in your mailing address, email address or telephone number, be sure to tell us so we can continue to keep you informed of important information. Email changes to joneill@willamette.edu


Atkinson School -- Admission Office

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International Student Advising
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