Submitting Reference Letters Via Email

The people who are submitting a reference on your behalf may submit either a completed Candidate Evaluation Form online or a reference letter (preferably on letterhead) via email or as a document attached to an email

If your evaluators are planning to use the Candidate Evaluation Form, email your evaluators the following link
The Candidate Evaluation Form is automatically emailed to us when your evaluator submits the form online.

If your evaluator is writing a reference letter for you in lieu of (or in addition to) the Candidate Evaluation Form, your evaluator may send the letter as an email or as a document attached to an email.

The following rules apply to references submitted via email:

  • References submitted via email must be emailed to
  • References submitted via email must contain a subject line that includes the applicant's name:  Reference For _________.
  • References submitted via email must come from the reference's employment/institutional email address.
  • References submitted via email must show the referring person's, full name, employer, title, and the mailing address at which reference can be reached via mail at their employment.

Willamette University's Atkinson Graduate School of Management will treat all references submitted via hard copy, attached electronic document, or email as private communication between the evaluator and the admission staff. Copies of references and specific feedback from references are not available to the applicant.


Contact Us With Your Questions

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