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Six Sigma Superstars



Three second-year Willamette MBA students - Suroor Al Dhalemi, Anne Fraser and Teruhisa Homma - successfully passed the ASQ Certified Six Sigma Green Belt (CSSGB) in early December. 

"Their success comes from their persistent, hard work: course preview during the summer before the Fall semester started, daily quizzes, practice of over 1000 questions in learning the complex Six Sigma body of knowledge during one semester, just to name a few," said Henry Bi, Associate Professor of Information Systems.  "Students also gave credit to other courses that helped them in studying Six Sigma, including finance, HR, marketing, PACE team management, and statistics."

According to Professor Bi, Six Sigma applies "a rigorous framework DMAIC, a sound statistical approach, and a systematic set of tools (including lean tools) to reducing waste in business processes and reducing variation in production and services." Organizations from all sectors - business, government and not-for-profit - implement Six Sigma frameworks to improve operational performance. 

All students were enrolled in the Willamette Full-Time MBA's "Lean Six Sigma" elective course.  Professor Bi noted that the course was a result of a Hewlett Grant awarded by the Willamette University Office of the President after the topic was suggested by a former MBA student.

The Willamette MBA students credit Professor Bi for their success.  "[Professor Bi] provided as much information as possible in a very organized manner and offered the strongest support possible in order to assist not only the three students [that passed] but also other students who may take the exam in the future," notes Homma.

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