The Angel Fund that will launch you into your career

Join the first student-run angel investment program in the country.

To call our Angel Fund program hands-on is an understatement. You will research. You will sit side-by-side with executives, business leaders, and investors as full members in regional angel groups and at angel conferences. You will work with your classmates to analyze hundreds of potential investment opportunities. And you will put real dollars towards actual early-stage stage companies.

Sometimes deals flop, but often these companies succeed. And sometimes they generate impressive returns. 

This year-long course will change you. Being forced to winnow down a list of hundreds of potential angel investment opportunities is a tough process that requires the discipline to explore and understand a deal before you jump in.

You'll be embedded as active investing members in Angel investment groups throughout the Pacific Northwest evaluating deal flow; performing due diligence; and making investment decisions. You'll also work on cutting edge research in the fields of angel investing, venture investing, entrepreneurship and economic development.

If you meet the prerequisites and you're interested in experiencing the front lines of entrepreneurship and investing, you're going to want to grab one of the 14 spots available in this course.