Real Experiences. Real Consequences.

Our suite of hands-on programs and opportunities makes the Early Career & Career Change MBA best in class.

As someone early in your career, or looking to make a significant change in career, earning your Master's in Business Administration needs to be a full-contact sport. Your hands should be filthy with experience by the time you are eligible to place those three letters after your name - "MBA."

With our truly innovative programs at Willamette University MBA, we put you and your colleagues on the front line managing real dollars; investing in real start-ups; and funding real not-for-profit organizations that impact our community.

Here's a taste of what we offer. And it's only a taste. You can't get the full experience of these programs without actually being in the room or on the ground. Online or hybrid MBA programs are fine for those who value convenience above all else. But we value quality through experiential and consequential learning. And that happens in-person, not behind a keyboard.