PACE (Practical Application for Careers and Enterprises) is a first-year hands-on, minds-on experience in which teams of students actively apply what they are learning to real organizations. In PACE, students move beyond case studies and projects to working with real teammates, real clients, real projects and real challenges - plus the decisions, frustrations and results that come with them. 

PACE includes two major projects: a consulting project and a new venture plan.

The consulting project starts on the first day of class when students transform their PACE group into a team of consultants who will provide management consulting services to their client not-for-profit or government partner organization. The new venture plan occurs during spring semester.  At the end of spring semester, teams formally present the results of their client service project and their new venture plan in a public forum. 

PACE is a unique and valuable opportunity.  It helps students quickly build new real-world professional experience, learn to develop and structure an organization, add value to a client, lead and succeed in multi-cultural teams, communicate and make effective presentations, analyze organizational issues, and evaluate opportunities... All while contributing to the community by enhancing the operations of their client service organizations.