Willamette’s Bachelor of Arts/MBA program combines the powerful learning experiences of Willamette University's College of Liberal Arts with a Willamette MBA in just five year.

As a national leader in early career MBA education, the Willamette MBA emphasizes experiential learning and is specifically designed to help early career students build the knowledge, work experience and career management tools they need to prepare for rewarding careers in entrepreneurial, business, consulting, government and not-for-profit enterprises. Students develop:

  • Effective communication, analytical and problem-solving skills
  • An understanding of the principles of management every manager should know
  • In-depth knowledge in one or more career areas of interest
  • Real professional experience
  • The tools of leadership, team work, networking and professional behavior


BA/MBA students participate in an MBA curriculum comprised of a strategic combination of required and elective course work.  Students will participate in all of the following required courses.

  • GSM 5103 – Data Analysis, Modeling and Decision Making
  • GSM 5104 – Managing Individuals, Teams and Organizations
  • GSM 5105 – Accounting for Managers
  • GSM 5107 – Marketing: Creating Satisfied Customers
  • GSM 5108 – PACE I : Consulting for Not-for-Profit and Government Organizations
  • GSM 5109 – PACE II: Developing an Entrepreneurial Venture
  • GSM 5110 – Economics, Finance and Markets
  • GSM 5114 – Operations and Systems Management
  • GSM 6121 – Politics and Public Policy for Managers
  • GSM 6122 – Leading Ethical, Socially Responsible and Sustainable Organizations
  • GSM 6123 – Strategic Management
  • GSM 6___ – MBA Experiential Elective
  • GSM 7251 – Internships for Management

In addition to the required courses, BA/MBA students will complete an additional 21 credits of MBA elective course work. Students utilize their elective courses to pursue one or more of their individual career areas of interest.

Accounting Marketing
Entrepreneurship Operations, Analysis and Systems
Finance Organizational Analysis
Global Management Public and Not-for-Profit Management
Human Resources Sustainability Management

Students admitted to the BA/MBA program begin MBA studies fall semester of their senior year.

BA/MBA students may begin the MBA program with zero, one or two required CLA courses remaining to be completed during the first year of the MBA program. Students who complete one or two CLA courses during the first year of the MBA program (senior year), will postpone one or two first-year MBA courses to the fifth year of study.

At the end of the senior year, BA/MBA students who have successfully completed all College of Liberal Arts graduation requirements (including successful completion of MBA credits
required for completion of the BA degree) are awarded the Bachelor of Arts degree.

During the fifth year of study, BA/MBA students complete the second year MBA curriculum and any remaining MBA courses that were postponed during their first year of the MBA program. 

At the end of the fifth year, BA/MBA students who have completed all BA and MBA graduation requirements are awarded the MBA degree.

Click to see the two year curricular path for BA/MBA students needing zero CLA courses, one CLA course, and two CLA courses when they begin the BA/MBA program.

  • Start the planning process early!
  • Contact your CLA academic advisor and plan your courses to meet the BA/MBA credit and course requirements of your major.
  • Contact the Willamette MBA Admission office with your questions.
  • It will be helpful to have completed at least one course in mathematics, one course in economics, and a course in psychology or sociology.
  • Build a background of leadership and experience in organizations through internships, campus/community activities, athletics, part-time work, etc.
  • Recognize the BA/MBA is an experiential, challenging and demanding program designed for highly motivated and mature students who have career interests in management.