Planning and Applying for the BA/MBA

The BA/MBA program is only available to qualified students who are enrolled in Willamette University's College of Liberal Arts. 

Students interested in applying for the BA/MBA should do advance planning with their CLA academic advisor and talk with the MBA admission office about their interests.

The College of Liberal Arts generally requires BA/MBA applicants to have completed at least 23 credits of CLA courses (15 credits for transfer students) by the end of the junior year. These credits should include all CLA general requirements and most courses required for the major.

In selecting CLA courses it is helpful, but not required, to complete at least one course in math, economics, and psychology or sociology.

is also important to know that BA/MBA students may complete up to two CLA courses during the first year of the MBA (senior year).

Students who will meet the requirements by the end of their junior year and have no more than two CLA courses to complete during the first year of the MBA are eligible to apply for admission to the BA/MBA.

Planning Tips

  • Start the planning process early.
  • Tell your CLA major advisor you are interested in the BA/MBA.
  • Meet with the MBA Admission staff.
  • Plan your course schedules with your CLA major advisor.
  • Build experience in organizations: clubs, athletics, internships.
  • Take the GMAT or the GRE before spring of your junior year.
  • Apply to the BA/MBA during your junior year.

Applying for the BA/MBA

Students who meet the CLA eligibility requirements discussed above should complete the MBA application and submit required documents during their junior year.

  • Online Application Form
  • Official transcripts of all college courses
  • Official GMAT or GRE score
  • Two essays (on the application form)
  • Two candidate evaluation forms or letters of reference
  • Resume (on the application form)
  • Letter from CLA advisor or department chairperson stating the student has met CLA requirements to complete the BA degree through the BA/MBA program, and listing all CLA courses to be completed during the first year of the MBA program (senior year) year.
  • Interview