Oregon's Top-Ranked MBA

Explore management culture; grow your network; and join the Willamette community.

Earning your MBA in the United States is a big move. Living and learning with the Willamette University MBA community is the right move.

Few places are as visually stunning and welcoming as Oregon. And our main campus in Salem is about an hour away from almost anything! Portland, in all its weirdness and glory, is around 1 hour due North. Head West and you'll find some of the most striking coastline you can experience. A short drive South puts you around Eugene, rich in arts and culture surrounded by beautiful outdoor opportunities. And East of Salem lies some of the most awe inspiring mountain ranges on the planet (and much more beyond)!

At Willamette, international students choose our Early Career and Career Change MBA for a few reasons, including:

The program is designed to provide the experience needed to succeed in your career.

Where there are gaps - either informational or cultural - in your experience, we address those with a very personal, one-on-one approach. You don't need extensive professional experience to succeed in our MBA program.

We are the top-ranked program in Oregon.

Rankings are a great way to get a quick sense of an MBA program, but there's so much more to it. Our top ranking in Oregon is the result of a tirelessly dedicated faculty and staff, as well as a supportive Willamette University community and, ultimately, stellar MBA candidates that launch into their careers with our degree.

Internships and experiential learning.

Our internships and hands-on, experiential courses put our MBA candidates on the front lines of professional life in the United States. With the guidance of our faculty, along with the encouragement of your classmates, you will tap into opportunities to build your experience and network like few other MBA programs can offer.

Ultimately, we care.

You are thinking about uprooting your life; coming to the United States; and doing graduate-level work that helps launch your career. We know it's a huge commitment and we're here on a personal basis to help you surmount obstacles; find solutions to unique problems; and to give you the tools to do great things. We are truly invested in the success of our MBA candidates.

If you have more questions or want to better understand our program, contact us. We'll connect you with the right person to address any questions and to find the right fit for you!