What can I do with an MBA?

Ultimately there’s only one person who can answer this question.


People choose to pursue an MBA degree for any number of reasons that span the personal and professional spectrum. And the variations of those reasons multiply when you take into consideration where in their career people choose to pursue their MBA.

In the more than 40 years of developing the top-tier of business, public and not-for-profit professionals, we’ve developed a pretty good answer to "What can I do with an MBA?":

  • Start or relaunch your career with an MBA and maximize your ROI.
  • Build hands-on experience and hone skills that directly translate into professional life.
  • Attach a lasting flexibility to your career that accommodates the ebbs of flows of any industry you choose to settle into.
  • Increase the velocity of your career and make strategic forward progress that benefits your career and your organization.
  • For the entrepreneurial life and need the foundational support to turn plans and inspiration into action.

Are there people for whom the MBA might not be the best choice? Absolutely. Some have a specific career path that needs a precise academic experience. Others might not need a graduate-level management degree to reach their professional goals. Still others are skeptical of the ROI of the MBA degree.

The important thing is to figure out the answer for you. And, of course, we’re here to help if you need any information along the way.