Gayle Gregory

Co-author, Former Senior Manager

Gayle Gregory is one of three co-authors of The Grand Experiment, an Expedition of Self-Discovery, a book about seven universal myths that drive and determine beliefs, behaviors, and their resultant outcomes. The book is foundational in her work with individuals and corporations, since it speaks directly to the reason why things fail to change regardless of the effort applied. The premise of her new book,Workplace Evolution: Common Sense for Uncommon Times, is that movement from me to WE holds the key to our future and the answers to all of the top challenges facing organizations today.

Gayle is a former senior manager with two Fortune 500 companies, where she had over-sight for a large operations staff, technology start-ups and project management. Gregory founded Pure Possibility, a coaching and mentoring program that works with individuals desiring to change old patterns and break free of limitations, and within the Oregon state corrections system, where she conducts thought awareness training for men in the state's medium security prison. Gayle specializes in the deconstruction phase of WE's unique three phase consulting process.