Management Culture and Communication Program 2018

Welcome to the MCCP

The Management Culture and Communication Program (MCCP) is an experience designed to help both international and domestic students acclimate to management culture and communications.  All incoming students in the Early Career and Career Change MBA program are strongly encouraged to participate, incoming international students are required to complete the program. 

The MCCP exposes candidates to business culture in the United States while also providing insights into what to expect in the Willamette University MBA classroom.  In the 4-day program, participants will engage in team-building activities, take part in a sample class, explore case analysis strategies, learn expectations for research and writing with integrity, and visit local companies. The program is facilitated by Willamette University MBA administration, faculty, and staff. 

MCCP details change from year to year, but you can take a look at last year's MCCP activities here.

We will have more details posted for Compass Week 2018 soon.