CD Sales to Help Fund Choir Trip to South Africa

Last April, as part of the University's Atkinson Lecture Series, the Willamette University Chamber Choir sang for Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the song made people cry. The Archbishop was moved. He said come to my home and sing for my people. The Chamber Choir is now selling a CD to help pay for the trip that will allow University students to sing for the people of South Africa.

"Hope for Resolution" is both the name of the song the Choir sang for the Archbishop and of the title of the CD now available through the Willamette University Music Department.

This moving work combines the traditional South African anthem, "Thula Sizwe," sung in Zulu, with the English hymn, "Of the Father's Love Begotten." Composed for former President Nelson Mandela by Sean Ivory and Paul Caldwell, the vastly disparate styles of European Hymnody and South African rhythmic choral singing are blended into a powerful statement for the peaceful coexistence of people from differing backgrounds and experiences.

The Willamette Chamber Choir is a 48-voice ensemble open by audition to all Willamette University students.

For more information, to make a tax-deductible donation, or to order CD's, please contact the University Music Department at 503-370-6255.