Willamette Announces Alumni Award Winners

Charles Carter '55
Distinguished Alumni Citation: Medicine and International Service

Charles CarterNo one more clearly embodies Willamette's motto, "Not unto ourselves alone are we born," than Charles Carter. A practicing opthamologist for more than 32 years, Carter has dedicated his life to helping others in his community and around the world. While he was working, for 25 years he trained volunteers in Vancouver, Wash., schools to screen children for early signs of eye diseases. Carter has taken one month off for each of the past 10 years to provide volunteer medical and surgical support to indigent natives in the rural areas of Haiti. He also helped raise supplies and funds to create the first-ever medical clinic in one of the country's most remote mountainous regions. He has also advised Eastern European ophthalmologists on innovative surgical techniques, volunteered for clinics in Sierra Leone, West Africa, and has been an instrumental figure for the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Carter's commitment to helping those in greatest need demonstrates that he has put his medical skills to their highest and best uses.