Celtic Pilgrimage with John Doan

John DoanJohn Doan, Northwest musician and recording artist for Hearts O' Space Records, will present a concert Saturday, March 18, at 8 p.m. in Hudson Hall at Willamette University. The event will feature music from both his latest CD release, "Wayfarer -- Ancient Paths to Sacred Places -- A Celtic Pilgrimage" and his former release, "Eire -- Isle of the Saints," voted number one Celtic Album of the Year by the NAV Music Awards. Ticket prices are $12 for general admission and $10 for children and seniors. Seating is limited. A limited number of tickets are available without charge up to a week before the event to Willamette University students, faculty and staff at the Music Department. For more information call 503-325-6432.

Master harp guitarist, storyteller and historian Doan takes his audiences on a Celtic pilgrimage to the sites made famous by St. Patrick and others during the Golden Age of Ireland. A millennium ago these sites were imaginatively called "Thin Places," where it was believed that the space between heaven and earth, and past and future, was thinly divided. The audience is transported back to the sites where the music was composed, enhanced by storytelling and a multimedia show. A new DVD project filmed on location, "A Celtic Pilgrimage," will be available at the concert.

Doan traveled to the British Isles where he made these musical sketches that he expresses through his harp guitar. The version of the harp guitar that he plays is a rare, 20-string instrument created at the end of the last century in Europe and America. It supplements the standard guitar's six fretted strings with six unfretted sub-bass strings, but its most distinctive sound is the crystalline harp tones of eight treble strings, which ring with bell-like clarity.

"It has almost the range of the piano but it is a lot easier to carry with you," he said.

Doan has starred in two popular television specials produced by Oregon Public Broadcasting and his music has been featured on numerous prime-time television and movie productions, including Walt Disney. He is an associate professor of music at Willamette University. For more information go to