Robert WiltbankRobert Wiltbank

    Wall Street Journal Highlights Expertise of Willamette Professor

    A recent Wall Street Journal article on the economic returns of angel investing included the expertise of Robert Wiltbank, associate professor of strategic management at Willamette's Atkinson Graduate School of Management.

    Angel investors are people "who privately provide capital to a promising business, often a start-up, that isn't run by a friend or family member," according to the article. The article notes that with the current economic climate making it tougher for start-ups to obtain financing, more outsiders may be considering investing in these businesses.

    Wiltbank noted that being an angel takes patience as these new businesses work to become profitable. "For the first three to five years you should expect only bad news," he said in the article.

    Wiltbank is one of the key authors of a recent study released by the Kauffman Foundation on the financial returns of angel investors in North America. The study, available at Kauffman's website, analyzed results from 86 organized angel investor groups through the U.S. and formed the basis for the return information in the Wall Street Journal article.

    Read the entire article on the Wall Street Journal website, or learn more about Wiltbank's work through his online profile.