Willamette University Media Coverage Update

Willamette University Media Coverage Update
Feb. 2010  |  244 citations

In the News

Willamette is one of six nationwide recognized with a presidential service award. Excerpt: "Willamette University has gained national recognition for its commitment to service-learning and civic engagement. The university received the Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll Presidential Award, said Willamette spokesman Adam Torgerson."

Willamette students teach fifth-graders as part of the Willamette Science Outreach Program. Excerpt: "Seleni Garcia used to think science was boring. That was, until her fifth-grade class at Highland Elementary School paired with four Willamette University science majors in an outreach program. On Thursday, about 25 Highland students took a field trip to Willamette - where they donned safety goggles and plastic lab aprons - for a lesson in a university lab and a tour of the campus."

Marlene Moore is selected as dean for the College of Liberal Arts. Excerpt: "Marlene Moore, a biology professor and former dean at the University of Portland, has been named dean of the College of Liberal Arts at Willamette University, announced M. Lee Pelton, president of the private Salem university today."

David Craig co-authors study on crows' ability to recognize and remember faces. Excerpt: "Think twice before being mean to a crow - it could hold a grudge against you and tell its friends and family to do the same. Willamette biology Professor David Craig recently co-authored a study, published in Animal Behaviour, which supports many people's anecdotal claims that birds recognize and remember people they consider to be a threat."

The Statesman Journal notes the importance of Winter Preview Day. Excerpt: "WINNER: Prospective students. Having been admitted to Willamette University, outstanding high schoolers from throughout the country will visit campus Monday and check out whether they want to attend the university. Please give them and their families a hearty welcome. The university and the community both benefit if students like the Salem area and if their parents like visiting here."

John Irving's discussion was featured in the Statesman Journal. Excerpt: "American novelist John Irving talked about how he renders bizarre characters and his interest in pushing extreme issues as he took questions from Willamette University students Wednesday night. ‘What interests me about people is going beyond what you usually see of them,' Irving said. Irving was at Willamette University to give the spring Atkinson Lecture. The university established the lecture series in 1956 to bring leaders, authors and actors to speak on campus."

Bill Smaldone's opinion piece in the Statesman Journal discusses the labeling of Obama as a "socialist" in its historical context. Excerpt: "One of the silliest accusations levied against Barack Obama is that, by using government institutions and resources to prevent another Great Depression, he has placed the United States on the road to ‘socialism.' If Obama is a "socialist" then Franklin Roosevelt, the initiator of the New Deal, was the American equivalent of Karl Marx, and virtually every president since then, including Richard Nixon, who created the Environmental Protection Agency and introduced wage and price controls, has been a good party comrade!"

The Willamette Jazz Festival was featured in the Statesman Journal. Excerpt: "Students in the midday masters class at Saturday's Willamette Jazz Festival received a double dose from their lesson. Conducted by prolific composer, arranger and producer Tim Ries, the session demonstrated at once the range of a tenor saxophone, and tales and toils collected over years to meet and season that range."

The Center for Religion, Law and Democracy's Steven K. Green was quoted in The New York Times Magazine cover story "How Christian Were the Founders?" Excerpt: "The idea that the Bible and Mosaic law provided foundations for American law has taken root in Christian teaching about American history. So when Steven K. Green, director of the Center for Religion, Law and Democracy at Willamette University in Salem, Ore., testified at the board meeting last month in opposition to the board's approach to bringing religion into history, warning that the Supreme Court has forbidden public schools from ‘seeking to impress upon students the importance of particular religious values through the curriculum,' and in the process said that the founders ‘did not draw on Mosaic law, as is mentioned in the standards,' several of the board members seemed dumbstruck."

More from the Center for Religion, Law and Democracy:

Jeffrey Standen discusses state law and N.F.L. policy in The New York Times. Excerpt: "Even if the N.F.L. wins in Minnesota, lawyers said the problem would not go away. If the state legislature creates an exemption for athletes, it might "put the finger in the dike in Minnesota, but what about other states?' said Jeffrey Standen, a law professor at Willamette University in Salem, Ore. ‘If not this year, then next year, a player might get rights in state courts,' he said."

Warren H. Binford's column on children's rights was published or referenced in several outlets across the U.S. Excerpt: "The recent arrests of 10 Americans in Haiti who tried to cross the Dominican Republic border illegally with 33 Haitian children highlight the efforts Haiti has made in recent years to protect its children and comply with the Convention on the Rights of the Child."

Paul Diller answers questions on OPB about lawsuit threats from the Aryan Nations. Excerpt: "The leader of a white supremacist group wants to close a real estate transaction in John Day. Paul Mullet of the Aryan Nations says he wants to acquire property in the Grand County town, but he's not having a lot of luck. We wanted to know if property owners in the town could legally decline to sell to Mr. Mullet based on his political views. Yes, they can, according to Paul Diller. He teaches property law at Willamette University."

Debra Ringold discussed what to look for in an MBA program on Medford's NBC affiliate. Excerpt: "In fact, we have a BA/MBA program where a student can be concurrently enrolled in Willamette's undergraduate program and us. Graduate in five years with both a BA and an MBA."

Rob Wiltbank's work was discussed in The Oregonian column, "Getting Portland on the map as a hub for startups." Excerpt: "Rob Wiltbank, a professor at Willamette University and a partner at a venture capital firm in Seattle, has done interesting research that demonstrates the location of these kinds of investments is irrelevant. He compared investments across the country from 1996 to 2006 to see if those in certain regions outperformed other regions. The data showed that although size and quantity of investments vary drastically by state, return on investment does not."

The Oregonian features Joe Feddersen exhibit. Excerpt: "Curated by Rebecca J. Dobkins, an anthropologist at Willamette University who has a keen understanding of both traditional and contemporary Native American art, ‘Vital Signs' draws together work from major institutions such as the Heard Museum in Phoenix, the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of the American Indian, the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art in Indianapolis, as well as significant private collections."

Willamette Live raves about new space at Hallie Ford Museum. Excerpt: "Thanks to a dramatic re-envisioning of the museum's Carl Hall Gallery, its showcase space is now telling a different story about this region - one that is bold, bright and invigorating. Even edgy. Sure, if your thing is cloudy seascapes, you'll still find some gorgeous ones here. But this new permanent exhibition, in the making since last summer, replaces the previous one, better expressing the breadth of talent, the odd beauty, and the startling range of Pacific Northwest art. It's a knockout."

Trustee featured in Investor's Business Daily. Excerpt: "After 23 years at Deloitte Consulting, Renjen was elected CEO by the firm's 3,000 partners in November. That feat shows his skill for consensus-building, Rodenhauser notes. Observers call Renjen congenial but driven. He was born in India and earned his business degree at Willamette University in Portland, Ore., where he serves on the board of trustees."

Oregon Athletic Coaches Association nominates alumnus for national high school coach of the year. Excerpt: "[Gus] Arzner got his start in coaching at the pool in his hometown of Lakeview during a summer break from his college days at Willamette University in Salem. Arzner, who played football and was a wrestler at Willamette, got his first high school job right out of college at Del Norte in Crescent City, Calif. He later moved to Yakima, Wash., where he worked at a pool, and moved to Albany in 1979 to help open the Albany Community Pool."

From the Web

Ford Hall earned LEED Gold. Excerpt: "Ford Hall, Willamette University's newest academic building, has earned gold certification from the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program of the U.S. Green Building Council. The 42,000-square-foot academic building, which opened this past fall, is Willamette's second project to earn LEED Gold status -- the first was the Kaneko Commons residential and dining facility."

New TIUA class arrived. Excerpt: "Tokyo International University of America (TIUA) welcomed 93 new students to Salem this week for a year of academic and cultural learning. The students, who attend Tokyo International University (TIU) in Japan, will take English language and American studies courses for the next year at TIUA and Willamette University."

Founder's Day live painting event featured Native American artist Bunky Echo-Hawk. Excerpt: "Bunky Echo-Hawk, a graduate of the Institute of American Indian Arts, asked the Willamette audience to share stories of their cultural concerns and experiences with stereotypes. As they talked, he transformed a blank canvas into a portrayal of the historical tensions between Indian people and white America, symbolized by a figure of General Custer ‘riding' an Indian."

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