Marlene Moore Appointed New Dean to Willamette's College of Liberal Arts

Willamette University President M. Lee Pelton today announced that he has appointed Marlene Moore as the new dean of the College of Liberal Arts, effective June 1, 2010.

Moore brings to the nationally recognized university significant experience and expertise gained over the course of her 30-year career as a teacher, scientist, scholar and university administrator at the University of Portland.

Moore served as the dean of University of Portland's College of Arts and Sciences for 11 years. She began her career with University of Portland as a biology professor in 1976. Before becoming dean, she chaired the college's science division for seven years and served for three years as special assistant to the dean for science development. She is currently the Rev. Joseph Powers, C.S.C., Distinguished Professor for Teaching Excellence.

"Marlene Moore possesses many of the attributes we look for in a dean," says Willamette University President M. Lee Pelton. "Her impeccable reputation regionally and nationally as a leader and advocate for liberal arts education; her informed judgment and administrative experiences, and credentials in scholarship and pedagogy will serve and strengthen the College of Liberal Arts and the university community."

Moore's outstanding service and commitment to teaching and education has earned her recognition among her colleagues and peers. During her tenure at the University of Portland, she spearheaded development of the undergraduate research program and revision of the university's general education, honors, social justice, community-based learning and assessment programs. This work was supported by partnerships with Project Kaleidoscope (PKAL), the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and by funding from foundations.

As a Scientist-in-Residence with PKAL, she worked on creating regional networks for faculty development and leadership initiatives which were supported by the National Science Foundation.  Her affiliation with high-profile organizations like PKAL, the Association of American Colleges and Universities and the Carnegie Foundation have given her opportunities both to learn and to contribute on a national level to an understanding of the factors essential for institutional change and leadership.

 "Willamette University presents an opportunity for me to engage all my gifts, experience and energy to help prepare students to confront the challenges of a changing world. Willamette is a special place that pursues intense intellectual discovery while instilling in students a sense of responsibility to the world at large. This is the future and value of liberal arts education in the 21st century," says Marlene Moore.

Moore holds a Ph.D. in human anatomy from Baylor College of Medicine (1975) and completed a post-doctoral fellowship in endocrinology at Oregon Health Sciences University (1976). She earned a B.A. in biology from the University of St. Thomas, Houston, Texas (1969).