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July 2010  |  198 citations

Politics' Richard Ellis addresses the effect of rule changes on initiative signature gatherers. "‘I suspect that the regulatory changes are less important than the particular circumstances of those who have worked with the initiative process in the past,' said Ellis, a professor at Salem's Willamette University and the author of a book on the initiative system."

Future athletes discuss attending Willamette together. "Rabih's future basketball coach at Willamette, Anne Lapray, discovered her at a showcase in Phoenix and immediately noticed the way she carried herself around her teammates. ‘I am thrilled for her to be a part of our program,' said Lapray while describing Rabih's incredible leadership qualities and knowledge of the game."

Hallie Ford Museum receives Oregon Cultural Trust award. "Hallie Ford Museum of Art, $7,000 to publish print and online guides for the three permanent collections in the Sponenburgh, Carl Hall and Grande Ronde galleries. ‘We'll identify key objects in each of our galleries and have a brochure so people can pick them up and take them home,' said John Olbrantz, museum director. ‘It's a way to make our collections far more accessible than they have been in the past.'"

Graduate School of Education's Linda Tamura discusses the treatment of Japanese Americans during World War II. "‘It was a sad page in America's history books,' said Willamette University professor Linda Tamura, who presents workshops on Japanese American life during World War II. ‘The wartime experience was wrenching for immigrants who came and raised American citizens and were then told by their country that they had no rights.'

College of Law's Jeffrey Standen is featured in a podcast about legalities of NFL licensing. "In a unanimous opinion delivered by Justice Stevens, the Court held the teams' own concerted trademark licensing activities, as well as those that the teams conducted by and through the NFLP, were not categorically beyond the Sherman Antitrust Act's coverage, but should instead be evaluated for legality under the rule of reason. To discuss the case, we have Willamette University College of Law Professor Jeffrey Standen."

College of Law's Keith Cunningham-Parmeter comments on Arizona immigration ruling. "Keith Cunningham-Parmeter, an assistant law professor at Willamette University, said Wednesday's ruling will likely go before the U.S. Supreme Court, which is also reviewing another case. ‘This is going to be a very important issue for the Supreme Court in years to come,' he said."

Atkinson Graduate School of Management wins GMAC Team MBA award. "‘The Team MBA Institutional Award is exciting and gratifying,' said Debra Ringold, Dean and JELD-WEN Professor of Free Enterprise. ‘It affirms our program's mission to educate leaders in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.'"

Visiting law professor Meyer Eisenberg discusses lawsuits and financial reform. "Eisenberg also predicts that more suits are coming because of all the federal probes in 2010. ‘If the investigations disclose a credible case, they will invite heavyweight plaintiffs counsel to become involved,' says Eisenberg, who now teaches corporate law at both Willamette University College of Law in Oregon and Columbia University. But such cases face a hard road."

Instructor's estate sale offers a glimpse of music past. "A long line of people was expected to be waiting outside the door of 2580 Alvarado Terrace S on Friday morning, for the start of the estate sale of the late Maurice Brennen, who was a beloved instructor of band and music at Willamette University." (Photo gallery)

Alumnus basketball standout Cameron Mitchell will join the Washington Generals and face the Harlem Globetrotters. "Mitchell, who led the NWC with 21.1 points and 12.5 rebounds per game, was an obvious choice. [John Ferrari, Generals general manager,] said he spends as much time digging into the non-basketball skills of prospective players as what they can do on the court, an area where Mitchell excels. The Grant High School (Portland) graduate spent spring breaks the past two years volunteering in Jonestown, Miss., and this year helped organize a benefit for earthquake victims in Haiti."

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