Select September 2011 media clips

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Atkinson Graduate School of Management is in the top 25 schools worldwide for producing socially conscious leaders. “‘Beyond Grey Pinstripes’” recognizes MBA programs committed to ethics, environmental stewardship and social responsibility. Willamette's MBA was ranked #23 in the world in the rankings released this week. Willamette received special recognition for its business impact, which measures how courses prepare students to lead for-profit businesses that improve social and environmental conditions.”

Oregon schools stand out for a liberal arts education. “Taking just the measure of liberal arts, Oregon excelled: Willamette University in Salem tied with Reed College of Portland at 57th nationwide; Portland's Lewis & Clark College ranked at 71; and Linfield College in McMinnville placed at 121 among 251 total.” 

Psychology student and football player Jamiere Abney is a “poster child” for Willamette. “The first thing to know about Abney's transition from Bremerton to Willamette, an NCAA Division III school, is that the Oregon school does not just take anybody who applies. You have to be extremely bright to get in. There are no exceptions for athletic ability. You must reach the academic standard it sets, and that bar is high.”

Students are called “Winners” for serving the community through Jump Start. “The Willamette University program introduces freshmen to the community through service with organizations such as Bush Elementary School, Willamette Humane Society and United Methodist Retirement Center. About 150 students participated.”

University scientists earn an NSF grant to purchase a powerful microscope. “The microscope could help Willamette scientists and students tackle areas of research they couldn't before, including looking deep into cells to see how hormones affect them or how materials are transported in nerve cells, which can have bearing on neurodegenerative diseases.”

Economics’ Jerry Gray and Nathan Sivers Boyce offer economic advice. “Jerry Gray and Nathan Sivers Boyce, economists at Willamette University, agreed that government spending is needed to stimulate demand. Retrofitting buildings for energy efficiency is a promising economic stimulus because it is labor-intensive and relies on existing technologies, they said.”

Music’s Elise Yun earns Oregon Arts Commission grant to study in Paris. “It's not every day that you hear about a teacher skipping school for a European trip, but Dr. Elise Yun is doing exactly that. Yun is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Music and a staff accompanist and piano instructor at Willamette University, but this fall she will be the student, thanks to a grant sponsored by the Oregon Arts Commission. Her passion for teaching students and for learning support the commission’s effort to bring culture to Oregon.”

U Think series is highlighted by Salem Weekly. “Amber Davisson, assistant professor of rhetoric and media studies at WU, spoke about Lady Gaga, and how she uses the media. ‘It was a lot of fun. I got a lot of good questions that helped me think about what I was doing,’ says Davisson. ‘The audience was very receptive to the ideas and the concept.’” 

Hatfield service notes the importance of his teaching at Willamette. “Hatfield's original career was as a political science professor from 1949 to 1956 at Willamette University. ‘He actually read those books on his shelves, and they provided great context for his life and his work," said Imeson, who advised Hatfield on natural resource issues, and is a public affairs consultant today. ‘Mark Hatfield was first and foremost a teacher, and students were his favorite audience,’ said Hildick, once Hatfield's legislative director now president of the Chalkboard Project.”

The Center for Religion, Law and Democracy’s Steven Green comments on a potential Separation of Church and State conflict in a Kentucky university hospital’s policy. “Steven K. Green, director of the Center for Religion, Law & Democracy at Willamette University, said the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that ‘it is a violation of the Establishment Clause for a public institution to revise its policies to adhere to a specific religious doctrine. The fact that this hospital may previously have been engaged in certain types of (medical) procedures, and the only reason it's changing is to adhere to Catholic doctrine — that's potentially problematic,’ he said.”

Green also weighs in on a small gesture and fundamental rights. “‘This is why we have regular elections and recalls,’ Green said. ‘If you don't like the behavior of a public official, you can get rid of them. But this constitutional protection is to protect speech we don't like, not that we do. If we start prohibiting something like this, our free speech rights will become impoverished.’”

Alumna Dee Hendrix takes on promotions director role for A.C. Gilbert’s Discovery Village. “Hendrix has a background in advertising and design, plus experience in early childhood education. Hendrix received two degrees from Willamette University and did her post-graduate studies at Rhode Island School of Design.”