Students, staff and faculty receive kudos at annual campus life awards ceremony

More than 50 students, faculty and staff were recognized for their outstanding contributions to campus life at the Campus Life Honors and Awards ceremony on April 26.

The annual event celebrates a variety of achievements, including intramural athlete of the year, leadership and the most outstanding programs and events hosted by a campus organization.

“It isn’t just the usual suspects who are being recognized; we really try to use this opportunity to acknowledge students who go above and beyond and who aren’t necessarily always getting credit for their work,” says Beth Dittman, assistant director of Student Activities.

The winners are as follows:

•    Franklin D. Meyer Student Ambassador Award — Kaitlyn Rice ’12 and Rafael Baptista ’12

•    Albert Prize for positive impact on peers — Emily Dougan ’14
•    Colonel Percy Willis Prize for service — Anna Mencarelli ’13
•    Jessie E. West Award for leadership — Catie Simonson ’12 and Dina Rivas ’14
•    Daniel H. Schulze Award for extra effort — Devon Cooke ’12 and Andrew Hallberg ’12

•    Male Senior Scholar Athlete Award — Douglas Gilmore ’12
•    Female Senior Scholar Athlete Award — Jaela Dinsmore ’12

Bishop Wellness Center
•    Outstanding Contribution to Campus Wellness — Rachel Krow-Boniske ’12

Campus Recreation
•    Willamette Store Outstanding Female Intramural Athlete of the Year — Morgan Iveson ’12
•    Willamette Store Outstanding Male Intramural Athlete of the Year — Zachary Douglass ’15

Career Center
•    Professional Development Award for helping others in a professional development — Anna Mencarelli ’13

•    George Putnam Award for service to the paper — Matt Pitchford ’12
•    Charles A. Sprague Award for outstanding reporting — Miles Sari ’14
•    Timothy C. Hawkins Award for outstanding photography — Ally Szeto ’14

Community Service Learning
•    Outstanding Service Collaboration Award — Kaneko Community Partnership Committee: Katherine Lum ’14 and Kelley Van Hook ’14
•    Outstanding Leadership Award — Kaitlin Greene ’12

Dean of Campus Life
•    Dean’s Special Recognition Award for contributions to campus life — Lauren Vermilion ’14, Rae Lloyd-Lever ’14 and Margarita Gutierrez ’12

Interfraternity Council
•    G. Herbert Smith Award for outstanding contributions to his fraternity — Johnny Baggett (EX) ’12, Kenny Gebhardt (SAE) ’13, Geoffrey Suthers (Phi Delt) ’12 and Aaron Bilbao (KE) ’12
•    Greek Man of the Year — Kenneth Miller ’12

Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic Council
•    Outstanding Contribution to Greek Life — The executive council of Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Mortar Board
•    Hank Althoff Award for service — Matt Pitchford ’12

Multicultural Affairs
•    Outstanding Contribution to Multicultural Affairs — Jose Alvarado ’12

Office of the Chaplain
•    Social Justice Leadership Award — Margarita Gutierrez ’12, Rosie Glade ’12, Kim Sogge ’12 and Jonathan Gates ’12

Office of International Education
•    International Community Recognition Award — Elena Crecelius ’12

Panhellenic Council
•    Greek Woman of the Year — Sarah Sonnenfeld ’12

Residence Life
•    Exceptional Contribution to Residential Community: Eastside — Maureen LaVelle ’14
•    Exceptional Contribution to Residential Community: Kaneko — Micah Merryman ’13
•    Exceptional Contribution to Residential Community: Westside/Cornerstone — Colleen Smith

•    Winterscheid Scholarship for service — Nicole Price ’14
•    Sara Bingay Schultz Scholarship for academic accomplishment — Jacqueline Vaughn ’14
•    Taul Watanabe Scholarship for academic accomplishment — Kai Yoshioka ’13, David Fukunaga ’13 and Micah Mizukami ’13
•    Dona Adams Rothwell Scholarship for leadership and service — Morgan Gratz-Weiser ’13
•    Katie Redmond Memorial Scholarship for leadership — Karlie Pyl ’14

Student Activities
•    Outstanding Student Organization — WU Causa: Erika Mosqueda ’12, Maribel Vidrio ’14, Luz Rodriguez ’13, Emmanuel Rodriguez ’15, Maria Hernandez ’15 and Martha Sonato ’15
•    Outstanding Program or Event — Dark Side of Chocolate: Students Against Slavery, Sarah Worthing ’12
•    Outstanding Student Organization Advisor — Beth Dittman ’02

Tokyo International University of America
•    Outstanding Contribution to the ASP/WU Community — Tana Watanabe ’14 and Erica Jensen ’13