Distinguished Jurists-in-Residence Coach Students in Mock Trial Competition

by University Communications,

Distinguished Jurists-in-Residence Paul De Muniz JD’75 and Edwin Peterson, both former Chief Justices of the Oregon Supreme Court, recently served as coaches to a high school team that competed in a mock trial contest last week.

The team of Latino youths came from North Salem, McKay, McNary and West Salem high schools. They practiced every Wednesday in Willamette’s law library, memorizing testimony and learning about cross-examination and the importance of body language during a trial.

Although the team didn’t win the contest, De Muniz called them “exceptional. I would also say courageous.” At least two team members weren’t native English speakers, he said.

De Muniz said for next year’s contest he wants to hold a summer camp to give the students more intensive training, invite a drama teacher to help coach and to get more lawyers involved.