Museum Lobby Named in Honor of Museum Benefactor Maribeth Collins

by University Communications,

The Hallie Ford Museum of Art is pleased to honor and recognize one of our most important, generous and beloved benefactors, Maribeth Collins, by re-naming our lobby the Maribeth Collins Lobby. In 2007 Maribeth funded a complete reconfiguration and renovation of the museum basement into a "state-of-the-art" support space where collections are stored, new aquisitions are processed and exhibition preparation can take place in a fully equipped workshop.

"Maribeth Collins is one of the most remarkable donors I know," said John Olbrantz, the Maribeth Collins Director of the Hallie Ford Museum of Art. "In addition to her support of the basement renovation project, she has created several endowed positions, has supported art acquisitions for over 25 years, has endowed an exhibition fund that supports the organization of a major regional art exhibition every two years, and has funded other special projects and initiatives in the past. Clearly, without her commitment and financial support, we would not have been able to accomplish what we have during the last 15 years."

Maribeth Collins grew up in Oregon and has been a long time Willamette University benefactor and is a lifetime member of the Board of Trustees. Maribeth has been a generous supporter of the arts, education and endeavors which have benefited numerous community and civic causes across Oregon. She has served as president and chairman of the board of the Collins Foundation, and has served as director of the Collins Pine Company, Collins Holding Company, and the Ostrander Construction Company. Maribeth continues to inspire people and we are grateful to acknowledge her generous support and pioneering spirit.