Symeon Symeonides Honored For Scholarship

by University Communications,

Dean Emeritus and Alex L. Parks Distinguished Professor of Law Symeon Symeonides recently received several honors in recognition of his reputation as one of the world’s leading experts in conflicts of law.

Symeonides was elected president of the International Association of Legal Science at the association’s annual meeting in Mexico City in March. The organization was established in July 1950, with the goal of promoting the development of legal science throughout the world.

Symeonides also received the Courtland H. Peterson Senior Scholar Prize, awarded by the American Society of Comparative Law for “the best scholarly article published in a recent volume of the American Journal of Comparative Law.” He also represented the European Union at a week-long meeting held at The Hague in February in negotiations on an international Convention on Jurisdiction and Recognition of Foreign Judgments. Symeonides was selected as a member of the “Experts Group” on the same subject.

Symeonides has authored or co-authored 24 books and 110 articles. He has been characterized as a “conflicts giant” (60 Stanford L. Rev. 247, at 249 (2007)) and “perhaps the world’s leading expert on comparative conflicts law today.” (The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Law 1363, at 1380 (2006)). His work has been cited by the Supreme Court of the United States and the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom (formerly House of Lords) and has received numerous laudatory reviews.