2013-14 Law Review board and membership named

by University Communications,

Elections for the 2013-14 Law Review Board were held last spring and the officers began their term on May 1, 2013. New Law Review members applied in early August and were selected for admission onto the Law Review at the start of the academic year.

Executive Board:

Editor-in-Chief, Aaron D. Reichenberger, B.A., Colorado State University

Managing Editor, Rory Cosgrove, B.A., Eastern Washington University

Executive Editor, Janna Giesbrecht-McKee, B.A., George Fox University

Executive Editor, Seth Nickerson, B.A., The Evergreen State College

Executive Editor, Sam Rayburn, B.A., University of California-Berkeley

Executive Editor, Josh Savey, B.S., University of Oregon

Note & Comment Editor, Lee Adams, B.A., Brigham Young University

Note & Comment Editor, Amber Reed, B.A., Willamette University

Note & Comment Editor, Colm Willis, B.A., Boston College

Articles Editor, Michael Hicks, B.S., Western Oregon University, M.A., University of Houston

Articles Editor, Timothy Walsh, B.A., Willamette University

Business Editor, Stephanie Schuyler, B.A., Lewis and Clark College, M.A., University of Arizona

Symposium Editor, Rachel Schwartz-Gilbert, B.A., University of California-Santa Cruz

Associate Editors:

Jefferson Quist, B.A., University of Utah

Cathi Rickett, B.S., Oregon State University

Kendra Russell, B.A., University of Alaska

Alexander Takos, B.A., Western Washington University

Third-Year Staff:

Taylor R. Anderson, B.A., University of Nevada-Reno

Ian Armstrong, B.A., Beloit College

Elizabeth Polay, B.S., Brigham Young University

Second-Year Staff:

Arash Afshar, B.S., University of Oregon

Natalya Belonozhko, B.S., Washington State University

Thomas Dashiell, B.A., University of Washington

Corey Driscoll, B.A., University of Oregon

Kirc Emerson, B.S., Western Oregon University

Roland Farrens III, B.A., The College of Idaho

Gabrielle Hansen, B.A., University of Portland

Mitchell Howell, B.A., Western Washington University

Tucker Kraght, B.A., University of Washington-Seattle

Logan Leichtman, B.A., James Madison University

Ian Michels-Slettvet, B.A., University of Washington

Jamye Mori, B.A., University of Washington

Sasha Petrova, B.A., University of Oregon

Christopher Richter, B.B.A., University of Alaska, M.S., Portland State University

Brianna Wellman, B.S., Cornell University

Daniel Wise, B.A., University of Oregon

Douglas Worley, B.A., Truman State University