Hallie Ford Museum of Art receives major gift of Chinese art

by University Communications,

The Hallie Ford Museum of Art at Willamette University has recently been given eleven superb examples of Chinese art from the Arthur M.Sackler Foundation in New York. These objects have been on long term loan since 2006 and include two figures of musicians on horseback from the 6th century, a sandstone stele fragment with a seated Buddha and two standing attendants from the Wei Dynasty, and a magnificent head of Buddha from the Tang Dynasty.

“The donation of these exquisite Chinese art treasures greatly enhances our small but choice collection of Asian art,” commented Hallie Ford Museum of Art Director John Olbrantz. “They have been an integral part of the Asian section of the Mark and Janeth Sponenburgh Gallery and have helped support the liberal arts curriculum of the college, especially as they relate to courses in Asian art, history, religion, and literature.”

“For over forty years, the foundation has been committed to making its collections available to students, scholars, and the general public,” said ElizabethSackler, President of the foundation and daughter of the late psychiatrist, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and collector. “It is our firm belief that the Hallie Ford Museum of Art will carry our goals into the future, enhancing the lives of so many individuals.”

Lecture on Sept. 21

A complimentary lecture with Dr. Kevin Greenwood, visiting instructor of art history, will touch on the recently gifted items as well as the museum’s Asian Collection that includes paintings, woodblock prints, ceramics, sculpture, Japanese netsuke carvings and Chinese snuff bottles. The lecture will take place Sept. 21 at 10:30 a.m. the Hallie Ford Museum of Art.