Symeonides elected to the Institut de Droit International

by University Communications,

Alex L. Parks Distinguished Professor of Law and Dean Emeritus Symeon C. Symeonides was elected to the Institut de Droit International, the world's oldest and most prestigious organization devoted to international law, at their biennial meeting in Tokyo in early September 2013. The Institute studies timely and important topics of international law, adopts resolutions proposing modifications to international law, and works to strengthen compliance with international law and promote peace.

Membership in the Institut de Droit International is one of the pinnacles of achievement for international law scholars. The institute's membership is limited to 132 members worldwide. Prior to Symeonides' election, there were only six members who were American. Of those six, three are current or former judges of the International Court of Justice, and the other three are professors at Yale, Columbia, and NYU.

Symeonides is a preeminent and prolific scholar in the area of Conflicts of Law. He has authored or co-authored 24 books and 112 articles, and has played a pivotal role in law reform in both the United States and abroad. He provided legislative advice to the European Union Parliament and the governments of the Russian Federation, Estonia and Tunisia; and spent the second half of 2012 in Brussels, working on law reform for the European Union. Symeonides teaches International Litigation and Arbitration and Conflicts of Law this fall at the College of Law.