Skinner reports on human rights violations by business

by University Communications,

Associate Professor Gwynne Skinner, director of Willamette’s Human Rights and Immigration Clinic, called for remedies to human rights violations by transnational companies during a congressional briefing hosted this week by the Senate Judiciary Committee. Skinner also presented an expert report to the United Nations' Second Annual Forum on Business and Human Rights in Geneva in early December. She also has presented the report at Georgetown University Law Center and will do so in May at the University of Washington.

The report, “The Third Pillar: Access to Judicial Remedies for Human Rights Violations by Transnational Business,” concludes that states generally are not fulfilling their obligation to ensure access to effective judicial remedies to victims of human rights violations by businesses operating outside their territory. It identifies and analyzes the most significant barriers to effective judicial remedy in the United States, Canada and Europe, and sets out recommended actions.

The report was co-authored by Robert McCorquodale, Olivier De Schutter and Andie Lambe on behalf of the International Corporate Accountability Roundtable and two European civil society coalitions.