Willamette law boasts top employment figures for grads

by University Communications,

Willamette University College of Law has ranked first in Oregon and fifth among the West Coast’s 28 law schools for placing graduates in full-time, long-term, JD-required and JD-preferred jobs for the Class of 2013, according to statistics compiled by the American Bar Association. The statistics have propelled Willamette into the top quartile of a new nationwide law school ranking by Moody’s Investors Service released in May.

The Moody’s report, entitled Law Schools Challenged to Adapt to Fundamental Changes in the Legal Industry, clustered law schools into four groups based on job placement. Willamette College of Law placed 85.3 percent of its graduates, landing a spot in the first quartile along with “all the super elites,” according to Dan Filler, author of The Faculty Lounge law school blog about the report. The first quartile included law schools that placed at least 84.1 percent of its graduates.

“The advantage of Willamette’s size and approach is that we get to know our students,” says Dean Curtis Bridgeman. “We’re able to help them build paths to the kinds of jobs they want.”