Directions to the Mary Stuart Rogers Music Center and Hudson Hall

by University Communications,

Driving Directions From I-5 (North or South)
1. Take the Highway 22 exit (number 253).
2. At the first light, head west (a left turn for those coming from the south, a right when coming from the north).
3. Stay on Highway 22 (also called Mission Street) for about 1.5 miles.
4. As you pass 17th street you'll start up an overpass.
5. At the top of this overpass there is an exit to the right.
6. Take this exit (Willamette University is indicated on the sign).
7. Keep left as the exit divides.
8. After passing through the stoplight, you will see a Willamette University sign and entrance to the right. Turn in here and park for the evening event. (Please note that this is permit parking during the day).

Walking Directions From the Main Parking Lot
1. As you head towards the main part of campus you will see the Hatfield Fountain with the eagles. Continue past them toward the tall clock tower and the Jackson Plaza.
2. Go past the Hatfield Library and across the bridge that goes over the Mill Stream.
3. The Mary Stuart Rogers Music Center will be on your right and Hudson Hall is inside and is marked in red on the map below as number 40.


For a full campus map with directions to Mary Stuart Rogers Music Center and Hudson Hall click here.