Bearcat Bulletin: A Message from Chaplain Karen Wood

by University Communications,

Dear Bearcats,

These are difficult days as we try to absorb the news that a member of our community has been arrested on suspicion of murder; we are experiencing shock, sorrow, bewilderment, pain. This is a terrible tragedy, and we are all affected by it. Our hearts ache for all involved.

Non nobis solum nati sumus, friends. Let us be kind and gentle with one another. Let’s consider how we can reach out and support those who are most closely affected by this tragedy. Let’s speak and act in ways that demonstrate how love and compassion can serve as an antidote to violence.

I know our Willamette community to be strong, wise, compassionate and generous. Let us be all those things for one another and for the Salem community, as we strive to be present for all those who need us most right now. We can do this best, as we do most things best: together, in community.

Remember that counseling and support services are available and a list of resources is included below.

Good thoughts, good intentions, cards and letters, prayers and hugs: choose your best tools to show kindness and compassion, and get to work. We will do this together.

In gratitude,


Karen L. Wood, Th.D.
University Chaplain

Support and Counseling Resources

Office of the Chaplains

Bishop Wellness Center, Counseling Services for Students
503-585-4949 (after 5 p.m.)

Employee Assistance Program for Faculty and Staff