2018–19 Tuition for the College of Liberal Arts

by Marketing & Communications,

Dear Willamette Community,

The Willamette University Board of Trustees has set student charges for 2018–19, reflecting a 4 percent increase in tuition for the College of Liberal Arts. Based on historical trends, this level of tuition is projected to place Willamette’s tuition in the middle of its Northwest 5 peer institutions and in line with similar private colleges and universities nationally.

Tuition will be $49,750. The standard room and board package will be $12,440. As we embark on the annual budgeting process each year, we thoroughly analyze expenses, seek additional efficiencies, and look at what is essential to maintain the high-quality personalized programs that characterize a Willamette education.  

We are fully aware of the tremendous commitment made by students and their families to attend Willamette. Given national conversations around the cost of college, our campus community works hard to demonstrate the value of a Willamette education in service to our bright and talented students. Higher education is an important investment that we expect will produce a lifetime of benefits. (You can view an infographic on cost and value online.) In addition, we continue to seek resources to help students and families — currently 99 percent of Willamette students with financial need receive aid.

As you may know, tuition by itself does not cover the full cost of a Willamette education. All students at Willamette are supported by expenditures from our endowment, by gifts to the annual fund, and often by gifts and grants from other sources. We are very grateful to the alums, friends, and families whose contributions support student success at Willamette.  


Daniel Valles
Vice President for Finance

P.S. The Office of Financial Aid will notify current students when aid awards are available to view and accept via Willamette’s updated online financial aid tool.

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