Wulapalooza rocks Brown Field

by Frank Miller,

  • Students do "jazzercise" on Brown Field at Wulapalooza.
  • Students standing in a circle raise a rainbow colored parachute to the sky.
  • A violinist with eyes closed sings with passion.
  • A guitarist sings onstage.
  • A student raises arms high during "jazzercise" on Brown Field at Wulapalooza.
  • Students raise their arms to the sky while doing "jazzercise" on Brown Field at Wulapalooza.
  • A band plays and sings onstage at Wulapalooza.
  • Two students with flowers in their hair look toward the Wulapalooza stage.
  • Students do "jazzercise" on Brown Field at Wulapalooza.
  • A student sits in the grass under a brightly colored parachute
  • Students stand outside clapping their hands
  • Students dance at Wulapalooza
The Willamette community enjoyed the 20th annual Wulapalooza — the university’s student-run earth, art and music festival — on April 14.
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