CLA implements new academic advising system

by Laura Jacobs Anderson and Jackie Barretta,

SAGE replaces JASON and WebAdvisor for Spring 2019 registration. Help is available.


The College of Liberal Arts has implemented a new academic advising system, SAGE, which stands for Student Academic Guidance Environment. CLA students and faculty are currently using SAGE for academic advising. When registration for spring 2019 begins Nov. 7, students will use SAGE to register.

SAGE replaces JASON and WebAdvisor — our two long-standing data systems that we outgrew — with one unified, information-rich and yet intuitive system that gives students access to all advising resources in one place so that they can better plan across semesters, consult with their academic advisor, and register each semester.

We are excited about the ways in which SAGE will enhance academic advising by enabling more intentional, iteratively archived, and better informed academic planning by and with the student. Through SAGE, students can better explore their academic interests because academic options are more accessible. The entire schedule of course offerings for a given semester — course titles but also descriptions — is now word searchable. Students can also view various major options in light of the coursework they have taken to date and map out their path to finishing their degree and chosen major. Furthermore, SAGE records the academic advisory plan in light of advising and saves informal notes between student and advisor for later review.

Sammy Basu, professor of history and humanities and co-chair of ATAC, the university’s Academic Technology Advisory Committee responsible for SAGE, says “SAGE was the result of several years of work by administrators, faculty and students to craft, test and refine an information system that would complement our ongoing practices of face-to-face academic advising. SAGE gives students considerably more ability to navigate the choices and complexities of degree alternatives and requirements and thereby to better understand why they are studying what they are studying when they are studying it.”

Help with SAGE

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