Submit Class Notes for Bearcat World

Class notes are printed in “Willamette” every issue in the Bearcat World section and are well-loved by our alumni/parent readers, many of whom want to know what you're up to these days.

Common reasons to submit a class note:

  • You got a new job or promotion
  • You had a baby or adopted a child
  • You got married or entered into an official union
  • You published a book

Send them in using the form below (or by emailing us).

The In Memoriam (obituaries) section follows class notes in each printed issue of the magazine and obituaries may be submitted using the below form as well.


  • If you’ve been featured in a newspaper or other publication and would like that information to be included in class notes, send us a description of the circumstances. More info is better than less -- we'll edit it to fit the magazine's style and available space.
  • Send a photo, and if you do, always identify those in the photo, make sure we can see faces clearly, and make sure to send as large a file as you can. We can't guarantee your photo will appear in the issue.


  • Willamette reserves the right to edit or omit any information submitted.
  • Willamette cannot accept submissions on behalf of someone else.
  • Willamette does not publish news of engagements, pregnancies or candidacies for office. We’ll be happy to share your good news when the time comes.
  • Willamette does not publish news containing solicitations or fundraising efforts
  • Due to space limitations, we will list Willamette University alumni who are members of a wedding party, but we cannot list all those in attendance.  Wedding announcements will be listed under the class year of the person who submitted the class note (for alums marrying other alums), unless otherwise specified.
  • Willamette will list surviving spouse, parents, children, siblings and other Willamette University alumni relations in obituaries unless otherwise requested.
  • Willamette publishes obituaries of alumni (degreed and non-degreed), trustees and current or former faculty.
  • Notes from dual degree alumni (CLA, Law, Atkinson or MAT) will be listed by their undergraduate class year, unless otherwise specified.
  • For College of Law single-degree alumni, Class Notes should be sent to
  • Due to space limitations, we are unable to run news of alumni's children or grandchildren - except for birth announcements or if those children are Willamette students or alumni.
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