Preventing Sexual Violence

Everyone can play a part in sexual violence prevention by:

  • Promoting healthy and safe attitudes and beliefs about sexuality
  • Empowering those who witness violence (bystanders) to speak out
  • Developing interventions for young people who show risk factors for becoming perpetrators
  • Promoting the status of women and girls
  • Addressing the root causes of violence in our society

excerpted from "Recommendations to Prevent Sexual Violence in Oregon: A Plan of Action"

Student Groups Engaged in Violence Prevention

  • Sexual Assault Response Allies (SARA)
    A network of trained, unbiased peer advocates who provide CONFIDENTIAL support, resources, and education to all members of the Willamette University community who have experienced sexual or domestic harassment, assault, or violence.
  • Students Against Slavery
    Raises awareness, generates assets, and facilitates action against modern day slavery which include all forms of the exploitation of human labor-forced labor, domestic servitude, child soldiers, and the sex trade
  • Students for Feminism
    Raises awareness of gender inequality and its intersections though discussion and dialogue, ultimately working to empower all individuals. Engages the Willamette community with events such as “Love Your Body Days,” The Vagina Monologues, and Take Back the Night. They meet every Monday at 5:30 pm in the Women's Resource Center on the third floor of the University Center.

Other Resources