Other Reimbursable Expenses


Reasonable expenses for meals will be reimbursed in full when receipts or appropriate documentation is provided.

Travel Advances

A travel advance will be issued to the traveler upon request. The minimum advance is $100. Advances are not given to employees with past-due travel vouchers. Advances must be accounted for within 30 days from the date of the trip. Advances not accounted for in a timely manner will be considered taxable income to the employee.


Business related expenses incurred by a University employee for the benefit of other persons (e.g., donors, trustees, vendors, etc.) are classified as entertainment expenses. Details regarding place, business purpose, and persons entertained must be reported on the expense voucher in order to satisfy IRS standards.

Day Trips

The IRS does not view reimbursements for meals on one-day trips as an allowable expense. In order for any meal expense to be allowable as a deductible/reimbursable travel expense, it must occur as a result of a trip lasting substantially longer than an ordinary day's work, or have a specific, substantiated business purpose. A substantiated business purpose in this circumstance includes meals where business is the main topic or purpose of the meeting. Persons attending the function, and the business purpose of the function, needs to be listed on the reimbursement request.

Reimbursable Expenses

The following travel related expenses are reimbursable: taxi fares and airport limos, parking charges, tolls, fuel for rental cars, baggage handling tips, excess baggage charges for University equipment, business related telephone charges, reasonable telephone expenses, currency conversion charges, and other incidental expenditures incurred while on business travel. These expenses must be supported by receipts whenever possible.

Non-Reimbursable Expenses

The following expenses are not reimbursable: the purchase of luggage, personal excess baggage charges, traffic fines, fitness center charges, ATM fees, travel or flight insurance, in-room movies, personal entertainment, airline clubs, baby-sitting fees, check cashing charges, clothing, and personal automobile repairs, maintenance, and fuel. Spouse travel is not reimbursable unless the spouse is an employee and traveling on University business as well. Any personal expenses will not be reimbursed by the University.