General Travel Procedures

This document is intended to facilitate standard travel practices, and to provide instruction to faculty, and staff, on how to make travel arrangements, document their travel and business related expenses, and request reimbursement while traveling on University business. The policies and procedures herein are written to comply with IRS rules regarding accountable plans and adequate records (see the "Expense Reimbursement" section of this policy for more information).

Travel Authorization

All travel and travel expenses must be approved in advance by the budget officer (e.g., Department Chair, Director, Dean, or Vice President); or in the case of CLA faculty awards, by the faculty resources committee, before making reservations or otherwise committing University funds. Once you have received authorization in the form of a budget number you may proceed with your travel arrangements. It is the policy of the University that all travel expenses, which are not pre-approved, may not be reimbursed.

Air Ticket Reservations

Willamette has established an air travel booking option for your convenience. We highly recommend that when you are booking travel that will paid for by the University that you choose one of the preferred travel booking options. Use of personal funds for paying for travel is discouraged. The University will not reimburse any airfare purchased with personal funds until the related travel is completed, and only with the original passenger receipt coupon (or boarding pass) that is obtained from the airline at check-in.