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Cardholders: Cardholder Guide

  • Reconciliation and expense reports must be completed and received in Accounting by the due dates listed below.
  • Please give your Account Group Manager (AGM) and Authorized Signer time to complete their review and approve.
  • Check with your AGM to find our when their deadline is.
  • Keeping your reconciliations and reports current will ensure your P-card remains open.
  • If you would like to set up a training session, contact the Accounting Office.

Account Group Managers: Account Group Manager Guide

  • Set up a calendar reminder 5 days prior to these due dates.
  • Follow-up as needed with your Cardholders to ensure reconciliations and reports are completed on time.
  • If you have some Cardholders who need training, let the Cardholder know and contact Accounting to set up a time. Group training is also available upon request.
  • Working with your group of Cardholders will help keep them current and P-cards open.

Failure to meet these due dates may result in suspension of the card.

April 2018 was due May 10th

May 2018 is due June 8th

     Keep in mind that transactions posting to your P-card between May 27th - June 26th will be on your June reporting cycle, which doesn't close until midnight of June 26th. The June reporting cycle closing date is past our year-end deadline of June 15th when 2018 invoices and reimbursements also need to be submitted for this fiscal year posting.

So, if you believe you need these P-card transactions from May 27th - 31st posted to fiscal year 2018....

•      Items must be paid for and delivered by May 31st in order to post to fiscal year 2018 (proof of delivery is required).

•      Contact Jan Kenitzer before June 5th to discuss possible posting options.

•      If we do not hear from you, all transactions on the P-card June reporting cycle will be charged to fiscal year 2019.

Fiscal Year 2019

June 2018 » Due: July 11 Oct 2018 » Due: Nov 9 Feb 2019 » Due: Mar 12
July 2018 » Due: Aug 10 Nov 2018 » Due: Dec 11 March 2019 » Due: Apr 9
Aug 2018 » Due: Sept 7 Dec 2018 » Due: Jan 11 April 2019 » Due: May 10
Sept 2018 » Due: Oct 10 Jan 2019 » Due: Feb 8 May 2019 » Due: June 7

Set reminders on your Google Calendar

Posting to the General Ledger (GL)

P-card transactions will post to the GL accounts approximately the 20th of the month.

If you don't reconcile your transactions online by the due date noted above, you may need to submit a separate journal entry so your transactions post to the appropriate GL account number. Please check your GL report before submitting your journal entry. If you do not have access to the GL reports, contact your supervisor for assistance.

The P-card policy states:
The online reconciliation MUST be completed within ten days of the billing cycle cutoff. Failure to reconcile your statement or include proper documentation for charges will result in the suspension of the card.

Helpful information about browsers

Supported Browsers
Windows XP - Internet Explorer 8 or Firefox 17
Windows 7 - Internet Explorer 8 & 9 or Firefox 24
Windows 8 - Firefox 24

Many people prefer to use Chrome as their default browser, but Chrome is not a supported browser with the P-card website.
What to do if your default browser is Chrome and how to avoid annoying browser issues while in the P-card website....

  • Do not click on the P-card website link in emails
  • Instead, open either Firefox or Internet Explorer, then copy and paste the following URL: https://smartdata.jpmorgan.com/
  • Once you are sure that your browser is not using Chrome, bookmark the website, making it easier for you to open the next time you visit the site.
  • If your browser has a pop-up blocker, you must disable it.

Login Tips

  • Are you trying to login to the correct web site? (the page is blue and you should see a building with numerous glass windows)? There is no www preceding in the URL address https://smartdata.jpmorgan.com
  • What browser are you using? Are you using Firefox or Internet Explorer? Do not use Chrome. If your default browser is Chrome and you click on the link in an email, you will run into browser issues. Instead, open Firefox or Internet Explorer and type or copy & paste the URL https://smartdata.jpmorgan.com Then bookmark the page to make it easier the next time you need to get into the website.
  • Are you entering your User ID & password correctly? Your User ID and password are case sensitive.
  • Are you locked out due to too many password login attempts? If so, contact the Accounting office accounting@willamette.edu
  • Try clearing your browser cache (history) and refresh your screen.
  • Have you added the website to your browser recommended security settings?
  • You may need to request a temporary password. Do not click on Forgot Password. Instead, contact the Accounting office accounting@willamette.edu for assistance.
  • If you received a temporary password and are having issues:
    • Did you enter the temporary password correctly? We recommend copying and pasting the temporary password in the fields because it is difficult to determine if a character in the temporary password is an L or a 1; or an O or a zero. If this doesn't work, try typing the password slowly.
  • If you have any problems, contact Accounting to request a different temporary password.
  • Make sure there isn't a space before or after the temporary password in the entered field.
  • Again, clearing your browser cache may help.
  • When you are creating a new password, enter the temporary password in the Current Password field and make sure there is no space before or after the temporary password in the entered field.