The Bistro Willamette is a completely student-designed and student-run business. When Eric Fishman and John Donovan founded the Bistro in 1986, they conceived of it as a place for students to come late at night ­ to meet up with their friends, do homework, or just enjoy a well-made latte. But the Bistro quickly became much more than just a late-night student hangout. Today, students, faculty and staff stop in for their morning coffee and scone, for a quick lunch, or for an afternoon tea. But if you're craving sweets at midnight ­ or at any other time of day ­ you can still come to the Bistro for a warm, homemade chocolate chip cookie.

In addition to being a memorable part of many students' experiences at Willamette, the Bistro prepares Willamette students for the future. A team of student managers oversees every aspect of the Bistro's operation ­ from hiring and training staff, to contracting with outside vendors, to reinvesting the profits back into the business. The Bistro's unique management opportunities have provided students with a strong professional foundation, as former Bistro managers and staff have gone on to be successful leaders in a variety of fields.

We at the Bistro believe wholeheartedly in the lasting value of student entrepreneurship, both for the students involved and for the campus at large. We are proud of the Bistro's history and identity and look forward to many more successful years of providing coffee, cookies, and a rollicking good time to the Willamette community.