Campus Planning Committees

Committees are a vital component of the Planning Process by helping to shape our campus through careful and thoughtful review of all University projects.

More specifically, Committees:

  • Prioritize projects by weighing University need against limited resources
  • Review projects for unintended outcomes or impact on other programs
  • Ensure projects are in the best interest of Willamette University

Committees are comprised of a broad representation of Faculty, Students and Administrators to ensure equity in the decision making process.

How can I serve on a committee?

  • Faculty members: Please let your Dean's Office know you'd be willing to serve
  • Undergraduate students: Appointments are made by ASWU
  • Law and MBA students: Appointments are made by your Dean's Office
  • Staff members: Please contact your supervisor or vice president of your division

If you would like more information on planning committees, please contact Jim Bauer at by email or by calling 503-370-6112

If I have an item I need one of the planning committees to consider, how do I get it to them?

Contact Jill Munger at or by calling 503-375-5381, and she can assist you.