Co-Curricular Subcommittee


Review student generated proposals, where their outcome is intended to change or alter the current use of campus facilities and grounds.

Review proposals for the redeploying, redeveloping, and allocating space currently assigned exclusively for student use, in order to accommodate proposed changes in programmatic outcomes.

Propose and evaluate projects that appear to fall into the category of a Capital Project >$100K, or, that require capital beyond the financial capabilities of the proposing party.

Evaluate when requested, proposals that may need to be prioritized on behalf of Student Affairs for placement on the Capital Projects Advisory project list.

Review student facilities and space related projects intended to support the mission of the University when these projects require the expenditure of human and capital resources beyond what can be provided by the proposing or cooperating student, or student groups.

Review projects as necessary and offer advice with the intent to help students develop and establish successful planning and implementation of proposed projects. • Connect to other processes already established, in order to create a prioritization process for all student proposed projects that propose to effect facilities and space use